Unanswered questions

There are so many things about babies I don’t understand and no one can tell you when you ask:

• why don’t babies come out understanding rational and logical thought?
• why can’t they tell the time? 2am is not a time for chatting
• why do they love playing with packets of wipes?
• why is your phone/the TV remote the best thing ever when there is a whole pile of age appropriate musical crap right in front of them?
• why do they want everything done 5 minutes ago? If you wanted to be picked up you only had to ask and not have a meltdown because I haven’t done it inside 2 seconds!
• why do they not like it when you wipe their faces without turning it into a game? Unless I say ‘beep beep’ in a funny voice MM screams and frantically turns his head away from me
• why do babies love labels?
• why do they sleep when you want them awake and are wide awake when you want them asleep?
• why do babies put everything in their mouths except for when you want them to eat something? (Because obviously then it goes on the floor!)
• how does the baby have a sixth sense for anytime you want a hot drink/something to eat/a quiet 5 minutes/a nap?
• how is it cute/great when a baby burps and poos but when an adult does it it’s just gross?
• why does the baby poo straight into a fresh nappy?


4 thoughts on “Unanswered questions

  1. Eek I hadn’t even thought about that! I have a fingerprint recognition thing so hopefully it will be a while before he realises how to get into it…. If all else fails iPhones have a function where you can disable certain parts of the screen when in certain apps (I have it on FaceTime as my little monster used to hang up on people by pressing the end call button which happened to be right on people’s faces that he wanted to touch!!)


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