so MM is still not 8 months yet I have already racked up about a million parenting fails… Oops!

1. I feed him to sleep. Still. I have no idea how to reverse this. Putting the baby down ‘drowsy but awake’ is like swearing in my house!
2. We end up co-sleeping at some point in the night. It’s the only way I get any decent sleep. The health visitors need not know.
3. I have dropped my phone on him. On the bright side he wasn’t bothered in the slightest.
4. I started weaning him at 5 months; I thought it would help him sleep. It didn’t!
5. I have given him chips at Nandos. He really liked them.
6. I let him play with the sky remote.
7. I let him watch TV. I *must* remember to get out of this habit before he understands what TV is.
8. H cut his fingers and made them bleed once when cutting his fingernails (thankfully this wasn’t my parenting fail!)
9. I caught his leg once while strapping him into the pram. I genuinely feel awful still about this one although once he’d had a cuddle and was stuck on the boob for a bit I don’t think he remembered.
10. He often wees in the bath and I continue to wash him. It’s sterile!
11. Speaking of sterile I never really sterilised properly. My rationale was he wasn’t bottle fed and put everything in his mouth anyway. Now he’s over 6 months you don’t technically need to so it’s all good!
12. I once drank a gin and tonic in the hope it would filter through and help the baby sleep but it made him wake more. Served me right for trying to be clever!
13. I once drove out my road before realising I hadn’t strapped the car seat in properly. Thankfully I realised!
14. I put a dirty nappy in with the washing by mistake once and didn’t re-wash the clothes…. They seemed clean enough after (and there was nothing of the baby’s!)
15. Sometimes if the baby sicks on himself I don’t bother changing him; I just wipe it off and hope he doesn’t smell of sick
16. Sometimes he only eats yoghurt and banana all day as I can’t be bothered to get him to eat real food if he’s not in the mood. I just tell myself that “food is for fun before one!”
17. I quite often spill/drop food on him if he won’t let me eat a meal without requiring holding. It’s never hot (no idea if parents ever get to eat hot meals) and I don’t think he’s ever noticed!!
18. I once left him in a poo-ey nappy most of the night as I hasn’t realised he’d poo’d!

On the bright side I’ve never left him anywhere so I’m doing better than David Cameron and I haven’t dropped him! I have been reliably informed it gets worse when they are mobile….


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