Dummies have magical powers…. And other motherhood u-turns!!

Like most people (I am sure) I had millions of ideals about what motherhood was like. These were obviously shattered into a million little pieces when the baby arrived.

In no particular order:

1. I was adamant I was never giving my child a dummy. While they look quite sweet in the mouths of babes sucking away peacefully they look grim on a toddler (or older!) and I’ve heard how difficult it can be to get rid of them in older kids as the dummy fairy is usually required to exchange the dummies for a fairly expensive bribe!
– in reality MM likes to suck and usually falls asleep sucking. When I stopped breastfeeding I realised I needed to somehow replace the sucking as when I put him down in his cot ‘drowsy but awake’ he would immediately think it was playtime and therefore rebuking all plans of him going to sleep! The dummy really does have magical powers…. You pop it in, wait a few minutes and suddenly he’s asleep! Only problem is is that he usually spits it out once asleep and then he’ll wake up wondering where it is! This is why we end up co-sleeping as its easier to lean over to put in a fallen dummy than traipse across the hallway and have to get out of bed to put it back in!!

2. Co-sleeping. I felt that this was a bad idea on so many levels…. Firstly there was increased risk in squashing the baby, secondly it felt like it would create too much dependence and thirdly there is a fairly obvious impact to any intimacy with dear old hubby!
– in reality when MM refused to go back to sleep in his own bed at 4 months old and wanted to be held all night it was the only solution to all of us getting any sleep. Also, I don’t even think I move when I’m sleeping next to him and it’s nice to be able to hear him breathing softly next to me. Plus waking up next to his beautiful little face every morning (even if it is 5.30am) makes me smile! I assume at some point he will grow out of this and sleep all night in his own bed (currently he makes it until 1/2am in his own bed!!!)

3. Kids with snotty noses. Gross! Why can’t people just wipe their child’s face?!?!
– in reality babies hate their faces being wiped. Especially their noses! MM turns into a ninja when I try clean his face…. It is literally impossible to get near him. You have to turn it into a game and even then he screams if you do manage to wipe near the nose region. And then even when you do manage to get to it; 10 minutes later it’s snotty again. I’ve learned that some battles are just not worth it!

4. Not giving in to the baby’s every whim; it’s just going to set you up to fail in the long run right?
– in reality…. If it stops the screaming do it!! Do whatever gets you through the day (and night)


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