Sassy bloom box – get £10 off

so I have only just discovered this…. It’s such an amazing concept and so much fun to get it in the post!!! Basically you order a box, put in baby’s details and they post it to you! Box costs £30 approx (cheaper depending on subscription) including delivery and the value is worth over £40. It comes with loads of cool stuff, all geared towards your baby’s age and development.

If you use code SASSY10 you’ll get £10 off too so essentially a half price box. Can’t imagine I’d order too many but really nice to get every couple of months!!!

Have a look here:


So I’ve not posted in forever

a combination of stopping breastfeeding (no free hand and faster feeding) and going back to work mean I haven’t had any time to post. I genuinely don’t know where the time has gone!!! In the space of a few months MM has joined the sitting, crawling and walking (yes, frightening) parties. Where has my baby gone?